• , dived in Humber Bay Park West - Scuba Diving at 19 November 2023
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    Type Deep , Lake , Night , Shore
    Latitude 43.614970
    Longitude -79.476968
    Max Depth 14 m
    Avg Depth 14 m
    Visibility 10 m
    Dive Time 00:45:00
    Approach by Shore
    Humber Bay, located south of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a bay on Lake Ontario. It is situated between Ontario Place and Mimico Creek on the east side and Mimico Creek on the west side. The Humber Bay neighborhood in Etobicoke is named after the bay.

    Part of a network of small peninsulas stretching out into Lake Ontario, Humber Bay Park West is a beautiful spot on the city's waterfront. The rocky beach is a very popular scuba diving site, especially with beginners. Trails behind the beach make for a good walking and bicycle route. This side of Humber Park is home to a few boating clubs and docks, which means it has slightly less green space than its Eastern counterpart.

    Although a variety of recreational activities takes place in the water here, water quality at Humber Bay Park is currently unmonitored by the City of Toronto.
  • , dived in S.s. Thistlegorm at 01 November 2020
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    Type Wreck
    Latitude 27.813411
    Longitude 33.920295
    Max Depth 30 m
    Avg Depth 25 m
    Visibility 30 m
    Dive Time 00:27:00
    Approach by Boat
    Demo dive.

    The Thistlegorm, on the west coast of the Sinai Peninsula and 40 km from Sharm El Sheikh, is the best known and most popular wreck dive in the Red Sea. The 125m long British army freighter sank after just 18 months of her launch in April 1940. Her last voyage commenced on the 2nd of June 1941 as she sailed to Alexandria and was loaded with wartime supplies during World War II. A long list of inventory includes tanks, aircraft, armoured vehicles, Jeeps and Bedford trucks.
  • , dived in Blue Lagoon at 01 September 2020
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    Type Reef
    Latitude -8.593420
    Longitude 115.370935
    Max Depth 26 m
    Avg Depth 2 m
    Visibility 30 m
    Dive Time 00:32:00
    Approach by Shore
    Demo dive.